Custom printed individual sugar packets, mint floss, window screening, glass beads, custom printed transparency (fly wings with individual quotes about money) cotton batting, cotton duck cloth, cotton bias fabric strips, peach skin fabric



  • Statement - Haiku
  • Fly Wing Quotes
    world markets spinning
    battles with bubbles and flows
    sullied laundering

    through the window net
    flies chase saccharine suppers
    left wanting for more

    pandemic vine roots
    networked below the surface
    camouflage the creep

    hedging your gob stacks
    against craving populace
    heaps twisted ramparts

    interwoven strings
    pulled tense with ruthless command
    fashions knots layered tight

    firm edges bonded
    ruptured by uncertainty
    dissolved instantly

    mountainous minting
    making neat trusted treasures
    promising plenty

    eager vexations
    grab more to infinity
    selflessness smothered

    slur the arrangement
    legs tangled in the screen web
    winging winds for flight

    see through the thick smog
    namelessness vengefulness

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