This work is a riff on the traditional Ocean Waves quilt pattern. The jumping off point was to take the pattern and to alter the perspective, tilting the plane for a "vanishing off into the horizon" appearance. Translucent and opaque fabric was used for the piece allowing for a non repeating multi-color animated light sequence to project a wave like visual animation under the pattern. A second light array uses a lighted motif referencing the sky at the horizon above the ocean. The title "Light Waves" serves as an equivoque for the physical characteristics of the ocean and for the physics associated with illuminated lights.

Techniques: Hand stitched applique quilt over custom programmed LED light array. Non repeating light sequence follows programed rules of network interaction with growth, entropy, and regeneration.

Materials: Upholstery fabric, fleece, thread, coroplast, fishing line, extruded aluminum angle, 10v electrolytic capacitor, single-board micro controllers (Arduino), individually addressable RGB LED lights



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