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The ARTS/West community quilt block was reborn from a design that was not used from the Athens County Quilt Barn project. Through cooperation with the Athens Municipal Arts Commission, The Dairy Barn Arts Center, and Athens County Convention and Visitors Bureau the block was started by painting the base design on 4' x 4' panels. The panels were then taken to an Athens community event (Boogie on the Bricks) where everyone was allowed to paint their mark on the panels. The empty space was filled in with a painted motif derived from Adena Indian tablet carvings. The motif is sometimes interpreted as a reprenstation of people or flowers, or both at the same time.


    ARTS/West is a part of the City of Athens' Arts, Parks and Recreation Department. Their mission is to make facilities, resources, and opportunities available to art organizations, individual artists, and community residents. They harness community focus for all individuals engaged in the creation, performance and exhibition of the arts, while promoting activities preserving the beauty, heritage, and the culture of our Athens, Ohio.


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