• Animated Light Video

  • Range Demonstration


Adding the fourth dimension of time to my recent series of works led to considering interactions between the dimensions. The first three dimensions play nicely with each other via line, shape, and form. But how do you incorporate time without it being just a simple looping routine? One way is with carefully selected randomness and human interactivity. If you are looking for the fifth dimension....... YOU are it.

Techniques: stuffed applique, hand and machine quilted, hand wired, hand soldered, and hand typed Arduino compiler/IDE programming using fixed point implementation of Perlin's Simplex noise yielding a non repeating semi-bounded animated sequence

Materials: cotton fabric, fleece, polyester bat, fluted polypropylene sheet, pine board, metal framing, custom individually addressable LED light array, ultrasonic range finder, and single-board micro controller (ATmega328P)



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